Monday, March 28, 2011

Weekend in a Nutshell

Our picnic in the park the other day was so much fun we had to share this newly discovered getaway spot with dad.  We packed up baby boo, hit the local coffee drive through and away we went for another great day out in the sun.  

 She had a little trouble with her milk bottle on the way to the park.

Saturday we took our little lady over to Krispy Creme after mommy got a much needed hair cut at the mall.  I think Adalie enjoyed looking out of the window more than the doughnut.  After about 3 bites in she was done and lost in the marvel of the Krispy Creme parking lot.

Happy Monday everyone, enjoy all the special moments this week brings!

Wednesday, March 23, 2011

Welcome Spring in the NW

I woke up this morning to blue skies and a weather report of 59 degrees! Oh how I have been dreaming of the the warmth of spring and what it would bring with it.  Picnics, photoshoots, playdates in the park!  Today being the first of its kind, well we had to do it all!  Meeting good friends at the park with food, kids and cameras in tow, it was a good day.

Tis the season for strawberries, yum! Missed out on eating them though, I was too enthralled in taking pictures of the girls.

Addie, ready for a nap, wasn't too into the swing set this trip. 

It's evening now and the clouds are starting to move in like they always do here in the NW.  My mind is now wandering to thoughts of spring cleaning and spring decorating, or just decorating period! But that's a whole other post.

Tuesday, March 22, 2011

The Birthday Post

I had so much fun planning my gals 1st birthday!  We went with an Alice in Onederland theme.  To create Wonderland  in our home I tried to decorate each room with its own theme from the movie.  For the Queen of Hearts room I lined the walls with handmade felt playing cards and placed bouquets of red roses in the room.  Our Dinning room became the Mad Hatters tea room, my favorite, and our formal living room was home to the Cheshire Cat.

 Our guests even helped create the world of Wonderland, arriving in whimsical outfits suitable for a Mad tea party.

We served tea sandwiches, orange cookies and lemon cupcakes decorated with oh-so-cute Itsy Belle cupcake toppers.  Have you shopped there before?  She has some adorable party printables that just give life to your party.  To frost the cupcakes we used homemade raspberry whip cream icing, my taste buds are reliving the flavor as I write this, we are talking lick the bowl clean good! I found the recipe on the Joy of Baking website.

I think she liked it too.

 The best part of the party was watching my little girl enjoy her day. 

You're 1 year old I can't believe it!

Tuesday, March 15, 2011

The Beginning

Over a year ago now I was pregnant with my first child and contemplating being a stay at home mom and what that would entail.  I imagined visits to the park, play dates with my girlfriends, and starting my very own mommy blog. Needless to say the trips to the park and play dates have kept me pretty busy. Now 13 months after her birth I sit in front of my computer ready to dive into the world of blogging, sharing our memories with you, our loved ones and most importantly our family across the country who cannot be here to enjoy these moments with us.

Our little girl Adalie Noelle arrived on January 30th, 2010. What I remember from that day is the incredible high I felt after her birth, she Defined Love for me.

To recap the past year, here are a few of my favorite moments with my baby girl.

Spring 2010

Meeting grandparents and Aunt for the first time at 6 months old.

Summer 2010

Fall 2010

Winter 2010