Sunday, June 30, 2013

Bottle thief, Garden and Bow shooting

Bottle Thief
June 7, day 158.

She's often found hidden somewhere with her sisters bottle.  I think she likes being caught.

Ready to Pick
June 8, day 159.

Vegetables and berries are ripening in our garden and the little ones are loving it.  We visit our petit jardin often and the kids love picking and devouring what they find, and for baby A that means even green strawberries are up for grabs.

Halloween in June
June 9, day 160.

A Date 
June 10, day 161.

Today we spent some much needed alone time together.  Lunch at Panera followed by target shooting at the archery range.

First Pea Picked
June 11 day 162.

Book Store
June 12, day 163.

If we lived closer to a book store we'd be there everyday.

Open Gym
June 13, day 164.

Banana Bread Oatmeal
June 14, day 165.

If you mix oatmeal with fresh mashed bananas and walnuts, it tastes just like home made banana bread.

Second Recital - Shake Your Tail Feathers
June 15, day 166.

Today was your second ballet recital.  Your grandparents came out to watch your show.  You did so well baby, remembered every step.

Friday, June 28, 2013


June 6, day 157.

Congratulations to my cousins daughter, who graduated middle school and is on her way to high school.   Her school held a prom for the grads, and she looked gorgeous.


Enjoy your high school years C!

Thursday, June 27, 2013

Being a Kid...

Means splashing in mud puddles, who cares about getting a little... err a lot dirty.
June 1, day 152.
Means an over grown park is instantly transformed into a magical wonderland.  Can't you just see the fairies.
June 1, day 152.

Means dirty feet can be spotted at any given time.
June 2, day 153.

Means there's nothing better than twirling.
June 3, day 154.

Means learning about the art of sharing.
June 4, day 155.

Means running through the sprinkler with your clothes on.
June 5, day 156.

Means filling your parents lives with so much love you can't even begin to imagine. xoxo

Wednesday, June 19, 2013

A Weekend Trip

May 24th, day 145.

We spent our Memorial Day weekend in the calm serenity of a tiny town surrounded by fruit orchards and rolling hills.  A distant thunder storm welcomed us with a show our first night there.  We were all mesmerized by it, planting our lawn chairs so we could sit and watch the storm and listen to the rumbles of thunder.

We enjoyed our time here with family, taking in the different landscape and warmer weather.  We will be coming back to this place...

May 25th, day 146.

Our brave little girl jumping into the pool for the first time.  

May 26th, day 147.

Ali 2013, Ads 2011.

Monday, June 3, 2013

Backyard, Cookies, and an Oops

Backyard landscaping.
May 19th, day 140.

Baby A's carrots
May 20th, day 141.

The little one got a hold of the carrot seed pack while I was working in the garden the other day.  She planted her own little patch.

May 21st, day 142.

Oatmeal Cookies
May 22nd, day 143.

Oatmeal cookie recipe from Two Peas & Their Pod.  We love this recipe and seriously can eat the whole batch in a day.  Addie said they are her favorite, though she's been saying that about everything lately.  We substitute the raisins for cranberries.

May 23rd, day 144.

So it happened, I missed a photo... I was thinking about it all day, I knew I wanted to grab a pic of our packed bags for our weekend getaway.  It just never happened.