Tuesday, July 30, 2013

New items Listed in my shop!

New listings alert!

I've also added a pink and black version of my daughters ballerina thank you labels I created for her third birthday.  Find them now in my Etsy shop A Moment Remembered.

Saturday, July 27, 2013

Raspberry Picking

Summer berry picking is a great activity for the whole family.  We've gone now every year since Addie turned 1 year old.  It's pretty relaxing, the kids have fun and enjoy eating the berries, you're out doors and in the end you have a ton of fresh berries to enjoy.

It's also fun to argue about who picked the most berries in the end.  My husband would say he did all the work while I took pictures, Addie danced and played in the dirt and Alice munched on berries.

He's probably right.

Thursday, July 25, 2013


I'm going to have to be honest... I think I've missed a lot of days this month in my photo challenge.  And I'am OK with that.  I think my challenge has served its purpose.  So now I am with left with two options.  1. Stop challenge and only post photos I want to share or 2. Keep going with it and just call July a break.

July 3rd, day 184.

There's so many reasons floating in my head as to why I should throw in the towel.  I've missed days, I've already failed the challenge.  Sharing only my favorite photos means less time spent on editing images I don't care about.  I often find myself scrambling at the end of the day to take a random picture just to meet my self challenge.

But maybe that just means there's still more for me to learn yet.

So maybe I wont have 365 consecutive days of photos, but I will have so many memories documented for my kiddos from this year.

July 4th, day 185.
Pop its in pumps.

July 5th, day 186.
and that's a good incentive for me to go with option 2. 
July 6th, day 187.

Thursday, July 18, 2013

End of June

Window Gazing
June 27th, day 178.

Itsy Belle Photoshoot Outtakes 
June 28th, day 179.

The Birthday Girl
June 29th, day 180.

It's Getting Hot in Here
June 30th, day 181.

Yogurt Pops
July 1st, day 182.

My girls like to eat slowly savoring their sweet treats so these yogurt pops were not a good idea on a hot day.  They melted way to quickly, making a huge mess.

Wednesday, July 17, 2013

Digital Watercolor Blog Banner

Now offering custom digital watercolor blog banners in my Etsy shop.

That First Hair Cut

June 26th, day 177.

Me: "We should get Addie's hair cut"

Hubby: "No, we are growing it out"

Me:  "But she's 3 now and has never had one done, it's time."

We've had this conversation several times over the past year and a half and I always would surrender, we can let it grow a little longer.  But when I started noticing curls falling at different lengths, there was no arguing I was taking her in.

We made a girls afternoon out of it, mommy got her hair done too.  I told her we were going to get our princess hair done.

I was a bit nervous going in, after all she loves to scream bloody murder when I brush her hair, how would she do with a stranger?  Well she sat there quietly taking in the experience, very princess like with a serious look on her face most of the time, though we did manage a small smile.  In the end she said she enjoyed the hair cut.  So did I, mother-daughter salon dates are really nice, look forward to making this something we do together.

Getting her hair straightened before the cut.

Look how long her hair is!

I know, sorry no after picture.

Thursday, July 11, 2013


Can't Stop
June 17th, day 168.

Though my garden bed is maxed out on space it doesn't seem to prevent me from buying more seeds to plant...

June 18th, day 169.

June 19th, day 170.

Snails are everywhere around here, at one time I swear tI saw at least 12 snails on my front porch!

June 20th, day 171.

Played with her toy farm set this afternoon.  I think I made her believe in magic.  She would place the sheep into the barn through the front door, while I would sneak him out the back.  I had her say "abra cadabra sheep disapear!" So when she'd open the door he'd be gone.  We played this for the longest time.  I'm not sure if she really believed that the little sheep disappeared or if she knew what momma was up to.

I spy
June 21st, day 172.

I spy a little booglette walking in the garden looking for green strawberries to pick.

June 22, day 173.

She says "wheee" now.

Whatcha Got There Sis
June 23, day 174.

Why so Sad?
June 25, day 176.

Is it because mommy forgot to take a picture on the 24th?

Sunday, July 7, 2013

Father's Day

Father's Day
June 16, day 167.

The beach was the backdrop to our father's day celebration.  We had a nice picnic and then set out in search of any sea life that might have been left behind during the low tide.

Our youngest was the brave one, she just took off running, splashing along the wet sand and touching everything she could get her hands on.  We found tiny crabs and sand dollars in our search.

While our oldest preferred the comfort and familiarity of the soft dry sand.  Searching it for the perfect shell to take home.

We found one.
Happy Father's Day dad and hubby, love you guys :)