Wednesday, July 17, 2013

That First Hair Cut

June 26th, day 177.

Me: "We should get Addie's hair cut"

Hubby: "No, we are growing it out"

Me:  "But she's 3 now and has never had one done, it's time."

We've had this conversation several times over the past year and a half and I always would surrender, we can let it grow a little longer.  But when I started noticing curls falling at different lengths, there was no arguing I was taking her in.

We made a girls afternoon out of it, mommy got her hair done too.  I told her we were going to get our princess hair done.

I was a bit nervous going in, after all she loves to scream bloody murder when I brush her hair, how would she do with a stranger?  Well she sat there quietly taking in the experience, very princess like with a serious look on her face most of the time, though we did manage a small smile.  In the end she said she enjoyed the hair cut.  So did I, mother-daughter salon dates are really nice, look forward to making this something we do together.

Getting her hair straightened before the cut.

Look how long her hair is!

I know, sorry no after picture.

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