Thursday, July 11, 2013


Can't Stop
June 17th, day 168.

Though my garden bed is maxed out on space it doesn't seem to prevent me from buying more seeds to plant...

June 18th, day 169.

June 19th, day 170.

Snails are everywhere around here, at one time I swear tI saw at least 12 snails on my front porch!

June 20th, day 171.

Played with her toy farm set this afternoon.  I think I made her believe in magic.  She would place the sheep into the barn through the front door, while I would sneak him out the back.  I had her say "abra cadabra sheep disapear!" So when she'd open the door he'd be gone.  We played this for the longest time.  I'm not sure if she really believed that the little sheep disappeared or if she knew what momma was up to.

I spy
June 21st, day 172.

I spy a little booglette walking in the garden looking for green strawberries to pick.

June 22, day 173.

She says "wheee" now.

Whatcha Got There Sis
June 23, day 174.

Why so Sad?
June 25, day 176.

Is it because mommy forgot to take a picture on the 24th?

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