Tuesday, May 28, 2013

Blooms, Rain and a Sandbox.

Backyard Blooms
May 13th, day 134.

Ice Cream Outing
May 14th, day 135.

An impromptu full day of fun with friends today.  We checked out the local community gardens, ate ice cream, searched for a gnome home and finished the afternoon letting the kiddos play at our friends house.  Love days like this, adventure, sweets, conversation and learning about things to do in our town.  

New Recipe
May 15th, day 136.

Caprese mini sandwiches from Simply Recipes.  

Dancing in the Rain
May 16th, day 137.

May 17th, day 138.

My Foot Hurts
May 18th, day 139.

Her latest thing she likes to pretend is that her foot hurts.  She'll be running around the house, or jumping on the bed and then will collapse telling me she can't walk anymore because her foot hurts.  Of course she bounces back up a couple seconds later after I've tended to her "wounds."

Sunday, May 19, 2013

Mother's Day, BBQ and the Color Run

Bath Time
May 7th, day 128.

Lunch with Aunty
May 8th, day 129.

A.k.A your most favorite person in the world.

Mother's Day Tea 
May 9th, day 130.

There goes the flowers I planted...
May 10th, day 131.

Back yard BBQ
May 11th, day 132.

Celebrating uncles birthday.

The Color Run 2013
May 12th, day 133.

"Yay, we go to the color run!"  Little miss you were very excited about the idea of coming with us to the Color Run this year.  Passing through our first color station, orange, you realized it meant getting dirty and you got very upset by that.  After the yellow station you were done.  We finished the course but let you pass by the last two color stations...  I'm sorry if you didn't have a good time love.  I hope you enjoyed it a little bit, you've mentioned going to the color run a couple times since we've gone.

All tuckered out.

Friday, May 17, 2013

Summer Preview

April 27th, day 118.

As I am sitting here going through my photos for this blog post I can't help but feel like I am seeing a preview of what our summer will be like.

There will be lost of...

Walks with the girls
April 28th, day 119.

Neighborhood bike rides
April 29th, day 120.

Trying to keep Alice contained in the driveway
April 30th, day 121.

Wiping dirt off little cheeks.
May 1st, day 122.

Bringing back the Baby Bath Pool for Alice.
May 2nd, day 123.

Running through the Sprinkler
May 3rd, day 124.

Evenings Spent on our Porch
May 4th, day 125.

Outdoor Play
May 5th, day 126.

Backyard Pic-nics
May 6th, day 127.

Bring on summer.

Thursday, May 9, 2013

Cinq Gardens

Cinq Gardens
April 26, day 117.

Everyday, for almost a week, we found time to walk down the hill to an open field thats been left to grow wild with dandelions.  Addie's dubbed this space next to our home as "cinq gardens."  Cinq means five in french, but she always holds up all ten fingers when asking to go.  

We never stay too long, just long enough to visit our neighbor working to clear the field of debris and to make a dandelion wish or two.  Then off we climb back up the hill, usually pretending to be Diego and Alicia.

Saturday, May 4, 2013

Strawberries, friends and spray paint.

April 22, day 113.
She is fearless, she is fast and she will take off as soon as her little feet hit the ground.

April 23, day 114.

April 24, day 115.
Bathing suit season is upon us.  Little A is is growing up and joining the big girls.

April 25, day 116.
Spray painted our outdoor table a cheery yellow.  I really like the pop of color though hubby hates it :)  Having a great time here cleaning up out front yard and making it a more inviting space!