Sunday, May 19, 2013

Mother's Day, BBQ and the Color Run

Bath Time
May 7th, day 128.

Lunch with Aunty
May 8th, day 129.

A.k.A your most favorite person in the world.

Mother's Day Tea 
May 9th, day 130.

There goes the flowers I planted...
May 10th, day 131.

Back yard BBQ
May 11th, day 132.

Celebrating uncles birthday.

The Color Run 2013
May 12th, day 133.

"Yay, we go to the color run!"  Little miss you were very excited about the idea of coming with us to the Color Run this year.  Passing through our first color station, orange, you realized it meant getting dirty and you got very upset by that.  After the yellow station you were done.  We finished the course but let you pass by the last two color stations...  I'm sorry if you didn't have a good time love.  I hope you enjoyed it a little bit, you've mentioned going to the color run a couple times since we've gone.

All tuckered out.

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