Tuesday, May 28, 2013

Blooms, Rain and a Sandbox.

Backyard Blooms
May 13th, day 134.

Ice Cream Outing
May 14th, day 135.

An impromptu full day of fun with friends today.  We checked out the local community gardens, ate ice cream, searched for a gnome home and finished the afternoon letting the kiddos play at our friends house.  Love days like this, adventure, sweets, conversation and learning about things to do in our town.  

New Recipe
May 15th, day 136.

Caprese mini sandwiches from Simply Recipes.  

Dancing in the Rain
May 16th, day 137.

May 17th, day 138.

My Foot Hurts
May 18th, day 139.

Her latest thing she likes to pretend is that her foot hurts.  She'll be running around the house, or jumping on the bed and then will collapse telling me she can't walk anymore because her foot hurts.  Of course she bounces back up a couple seconds later after I've tended to her "wounds."

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