Friday, May 17, 2013

Summer Preview

April 27th, day 118.

As I am sitting here going through my photos for this blog post I can't help but feel like I am seeing a preview of what our summer will be like.

There will be lost of...

Walks with the girls
April 28th, day 119.

Neighborhood bike rides
April 29th, day 120.

Trying to keep Alice contained in the driveway
April 30th, day 121.

Wiping dirt off little cheeks.
May 1st, day 122.

Bringing back the Baby Bath Pool for Alice.
May 2nd, day 123.

Running through the Sprinkler
May 3rd, day 124.

Evenings Spent on our Porch
May 4th, day 125.

Outdoor Play
May 5th, day 126.

Backyard Pic-nics
May 6th, day 127.

Bring on summer.

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