Tuesday, July 5, 2011

A Simply Lovely 4th of July

We kept things simple this year for the 4th of July celebration, just our family, a BBQ and our must have fireworks, Sparklers and Pop It's. 

We just purchased our very first charcoal BBQ over the weekend so Jean went all out for the holiday preparing a rib rub and glaze from the BBQ Bible.

to accompany the ribs we had good ole fashioned corn on the cob and garlic bread with lemon zest, mmm mmm.

With dinner over we sat back and waited for the sun to go down just enough for us to bring out our sparklers.  I was excited to see what Baby Boos reaction would be. 

She loved it.  Squealing with joy and throwing her arms up in the air with every sparkler lit, we had lots of fun sharing this holiday with her.  Hope you enjoyed your holiday however you spent it!

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  1. more beautiful pictures! and those ribs look delicious...