Wednesday, May 16, 2012

Golden Light

I finally got out and did a photo shoot during the golden hours of the day, you know right before sunset.  It's something that I've been dying to do for a long time.  I met up with a friend of mine at a local ball field.  We had lots of fun playing with the light, props and shooting until there was little light left.

I absolutely LOVE the halo of light effect you get shooting during this time of day, and the rays of sunlight are divine.

We had fun posing with a book and playing with bubbles.

As the sun sunk further down the horizon, the light changed and gave our photos a whole new life.

If you're new to the photography world as I am, I definitely recommend going out and shooting during the golden hours (right after sunrise or just before sunset).  It's a lot of fun playing with the light and the results can be stunning!  Have fun Shooting.

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