Wednesday, April 24, 2013

Messes, baking and Yard work.

April 8, day 99.
Comes with the job description.

April 9, day 100.
Play date with good friends we hadn't seen in awhile.  Baby A got soaked while splashing in the kiddy pool, in 50 degree weather mind you.  She was completely entranced by the water.  I had to peel her away from the pool when I noticed her little chin was a-quieverin, she was very upset about it.  

Fortunately playing in the dirt is her second favorite thing to do.

April 10, day 101.
Sitting on a chair like a big kid now, sometimes I forget she's only 13.5 months old.

April 11, day 102.
I think its apparent I need to do some yard work.  Took these before pics in hopes it will motivate me to get an "after" photo.

April 12, day 103.
Making banana bread.  Stealing bites of dough is a right of passage for little kiddos helping mom bake.

April 13, day 104.
She doesn't like to play as rough as her big sis, she prefers little tickles.

April 14, day 105.
When its late at night and you need a pic, what do you do?  You take a pic of your never ending pile of laundry.

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