Friday, April 12, 2013

Easter, Etsy and Princess.

March 31, day 89.
The weather took a break from clouds and rain to give us a beautiful day on Easter.

April 1, day 90.
She keeps asking to fall asleep on the couch at night.

April 2, day 91.
We had a play area behind our couch for baby A that really never got much use.  It ended up being just an eye soar and a catch all area for kids toys.  To encourage the girls to actually use the space downstairs, I set up a play station.  Each week I plan on swapping out the toys on top to hopefully keep them interested.

April 3, day 92.
Tiny sandals.

April 4, day 93.

April 5, day 94.
A little research and development for my etsy shop.

April 6, day 95.

April 7, day 96.
How many dresses can one girl wear in a day?  Or should I say in a couple of hours.  "I'm a princess" she says with every new dress she tries on and then proceeds to ever so slightly raise her shoulder and give a glance worthy of the title.

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