Sunday, March 31, 2013

Firsts, Flowers and Fashion

March 19, Day 77.

March 20, Day 78.
Little mom and pop sandwich shops always have the best food.

March 21, Day 79.
Today you sat on a swing for the first time.  Your smile says it all.

March 22, Day 80.
Easter egg dying party.

March 23, Day 81.

March 24, Day 82.
Vegetable quinoa soup, a must try from Two Peas and Their Pod.

March 25, Day 83.
Our neighbors have named the hill at our dead end.

March 26, Day 84.
Coffee dates.

March 27, Day 85.
I've started a love affair with, I love that site, so much so that I've contemplated my next yearly challenge to be entitled: "Life without blue jeans, my year in modcloth."  I'am Stepping away from the blue jean and t-shirt trap and going towards bold colors and fun patterns.  

March 28, Day 86.
Today Aunty Jamie stopped by for a quick visit.  Addie LOVES her aunty jamie.  Try as we might to keep aunty here at the house with us, she had to leave for a lunch date, and my oh my Addie didn't handle that well.  She cried for over half an hour, and I discovered that she is now able to open the front door by herself, as she did this and then proceeded to scream for "Aunnie."  I was at a loss for how to calm her down.  I tried explaining that aunty had to go to lunch, and that if was time for her to sit and eat... but nothing.  So, all I could really do was let her cry it out.  Then light bulb moment, I decided to create a sensory bowl for her to play with, thinking it might distract her from aunties departure.  It worked!  Both girls really enjoyed it, so much so that I think I need to do more of these sorts of activities with the kids.  

Maybe next time though, something a little less messy...  

March 29, Day 87.
The return of my arch nemesis.

March 30, Day 88.

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