Monday, March 4, 2013

1st Birthday Hat

My babies 1st birthday is a week away. We are planning on a small celebration, just the family.  But that's no reason to skimp on a little decor right?  I decided on a Shamrock theme for my little March babe.  The first thing I wanted to create for the event was a birthday hat, I didn't have one for my oldest 1st and I really regret that.  I found a cone form at our local craft store and purchased along with it a yard of ribbon, fabric, some yarn and embellishments created out of felt with a die cutter.  This project was very quick and easy to do and I'am really happy with the results.  This hat will look so cute with the shamrock outfit I bought for her off of Etsy.

Felt cut outs
1 yd of Ribbon
Hot Glue

Step 1
Iron your fabric if needed, then cut into a fan shape to cover your cone.
Step 2
Hot glue fabric to cone.

Step 3
Measure yarn to length needed to create straps for your hat.  Glue straps to cone, I used 3 strands of yarn on each side for this.  Once glued add on your ribbon trim.
365 day photo challenge, March 3rd, Day 61.

Step 4
Embellish birthday hat with your felt cut outs and a yarn pom.  You can find directions to create a yarn pom here.  And Voila, a finished master piece, easy no?

Now getting her to actually wear the hat will be the hard part.

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