Thursday, March 7, 2013

Day 62-65.

March 4th, Day 62.
Today we prepped garden beds, for spring vegetable planting.  Big A practiced her garden watering skills while little A practiced eating veggies by grabbing tiny fists full of soil and compost and cramming it in her mouth.  There were several trips to the sink to rinse out her mouth.

March 5th, Day 63.
One of those days...
You know, toddler wont stop throwing tantrums and being bossy, refuses to listen, picks on sister.  I swear it felt like I was yelling at her all day... oye, I DO NOT like that feeling AT ALL.  By the end of the day I just felt worn out, defeated... a horrible mom.  An attempt to salvage the day with a trip out to buy vegetable seeds and wildflowers didn't quite work either.  Sometimes its hard for me to dig myself out of a grumpy irritable mode once I am deep in it, the only cure seems to be my pillow and waking up to a new day.

March 6th, Day 64.
Voila a new day!  We sowed some seeds indoors this morning then headed off for a few afternoon at indoor play gym.  The girls had fun running around, and bouncing on giant trampolines.

March 7th, Day 65.
Took time today to grab some shots of little A in a dress I once wore as a baby.  I love that my parents saved some of our old baby clothes, I will be doing the same for my girls.  This vintage dress makes her look like such a little doll.

Only 300 more days to go!

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