Friday, March 22, 2013

Playing Catch Up

Wow so I'am a little behind in posting my challenge photos, but rest assured I am still taking my daily pictures!  So lets play catch up and get back on schedule shall we.

March 11, day 69 and March 12, day 70.
on left: Jeff's "happy we just got our tax return" face.
on right: Starbucks with Auntie.

March 13, day 71.
Hanging new art in little bits room.
March 14, day 72.
Braving the chili air for some outdoor play, warmer weather can't come soon enough.  The girls really "dug"(tee-hee) playing in the dirt.  Little bit worked hard to cover the bottom of the slide in soil while Addie bean filled her bucket and buried random twigs in the grass.  Of course the baby also had to sample the dirt as well, the things this kid puts in her mouth!  You would have thought I was taking her chocolate bar away when I went to scoop out the tiny grains of dirt hidden in her cheeks.

 March 15, day 73.
The oh s#!t moment.  You know, where you're in bed, tossing and turning, can't fall asleep.  Suddenly it dawns on you that you never took your pic for the day, so you race down to grab your camera before the clock strikes 12 and take whatever pic you can to meet your challenge.  Yeah that moment.

March 16, day 74.
This pic was taken 10 days after we sowed our veggie seeds indoors.

March 17, day 75.
St. Patty's Day, the girls wore green, we played outside and I made a sheppard's pie for dinner.  Which my husband says is called pâté-chinois in french, which means chinese pâté...hmm

March 18, day 76.
The hubs built us a new, or should I say our first ever headboard using plans I found on blogger Ana White's site.  Now it's my turn to paint and of course I can't decide!  Do I go classic white or bright and fun.  Jeff votes for a dark wood stain, which looks great as well.  I suppose we could always stain the outside and paint the inside white.  Any decorating advice friends?  I am digging this color scheme for our bedroom.  

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