Sunday, March 3, 2013

A Day (or two) Late.

So I woke up Saturday morning with the realization that I didn't post my pics for the week.  Tisk, Tisk.
So here's our week in review with my photo challenge entries.

February 23th, day 53 .
Dinner at Grandpa's and Banana's house.  We played "Mama hands and Baby Hands."

February 24th, day 54.
Playing "Dinner Time" a favorite past time.  You can't tell from this pic but Addie really didn't want little sis to play, that is mama's dinner she's about to cut into.

February 25th, day 55.
Watch week at Addie's ballet class.  Sister wanted to join the fun.

February 26th, day 56 .
Trampoline safetly bar foam, part of a nutritious diet.

February 27th, day 57.
A Trip to the craft store for birthday decor supplies.  Note Addie's shoes in the cart, they never seem to fail to come off at some point during an outing.

February 28th, day 58.
A proper tea must be served in grandma's vintage china, and always, always sipped with one pinky held purposefully in the air.

March 1st, day 59.
A stop at Panera Bread with my little buddy.  We spent the afternoon shopping for clothes and a rug for her bedroom.  Loved our one on one time.

March 2nd, day 60.
Getting ready to see Cirque Du Soliel, an early celebration for my sister's 30th birthday.

And there you have it, our past week.  

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