Sunday, April 17, 2011

Day Trip

Every April a tulip festival is held up north, I've always wanted to go and this year we finally made the trip. A much needed family adventure.  Waking up early this morning we loaded up the car and headed out, I must admit I was pretty giddy about the whole thing.  There's just something about road trips that brings me back to my childhood. The act of heading towards a new destination creates this excitement that builds as you get closer and closer.   I love that I now get to share this with my daughter.

Baby girl fell asleep during the drive, which left her somewhat groggy when we first arrived to the fields. Once she took in her surroundings she bounced back in full swing and was soon off exploring the scenery and keeping her parents on their toes.

Poor flower didn't stand a chance.

Her little pointer finger was very busy today.

I'm so glad we went this year, the flower displays were gorgeous, just what I needed to practice my photography.   I'm trying to shoot in manual now, and am still learning which f-stop/shutter speed combination I need for the best results (tips appreciated).

We're back in our cozy roost, the tulip festival has left us with new family memories and dirty knees to clean, but we'll leave that for tomorrow.

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