Monday, April 25, 2011

Easter Weekend

Our Easter weekend began Friday with an egg hunt, Addie's first.

She knew exactly what to do, grab an egg and put it in the basket.  When the hunt was over she enjoyed some of the fruits of her labor.

Grandma's Birthday/Egg Dying
Saturday, we celebrated grandmas birthday, with lunch out to Dukes Chowder House.

Followed by sun bathing and Easter egg dying.

A Sunday Brunch
Easter Sunday was celebrated with a family brunch.  The food was delicious, I would post pictures except I was way to busy enjoying the meal to stop and capture the moment.  Our tummy's were stuffed like Thanksgiving dinner, everyone had to relax and digest their meal before heading out to watch Addie enjoy an egg hunt all to herself.

Note the face she makes when grabbing an easter egg.
Reaching out to the egg, because baby girl wasn't about to step out onto the wet grass.

Once both hands held an egg, the hunt was pretty much over.  She refused to surrender her found treasures to the Easter basket and instead preferred running around the yard tapping the eggs together.

Not even a fall could take away the joy created by those two little plastic eggs.

Ok, so aunty joined in on the egg hunt too.

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