Saturday, April 9, 2011

What we've been up to

Getting our Park Fix
Another sunny day at home means going out to the park.  A quick leg warmer adjustment and she was off and running.

Enjoying Swings again.

Opening Easter presents a little early.
Stepped outside today to let Addie walk around in the yard, but the cold and rocky ground just wasn't making the experience enjoyable for her.  So light bulb moment, we decide to grab the sandals we had bought as part of her Easter gift. Two steps and a stumble later she was so over the idea of walking in shoes and wanted nothing more than daddy to pick her up.
Mismatched socks, it's kind of becoming her trademark.

In hopes of distracting her from the shoes and to encourage her to walk more we broke out Easter gift #2, bubbles.

Mission accomplished.

This face means its time to go back inside.

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