Monday, January 7, 2013

Find the Mii

One of your many likes my love is to play the Wii.  You ask me often if we can play "Mommy and Addie," which means your favorite game Find the Mii on WiiPlay.  You scream with excitement whenever someone says they will sit and play a round with you.  When we play together, I take my time to click on a matching pair of Mii's as I know you love to find and click on them yourself.  If I trigger too fast you are sure to tell me that you wanted to click'em.

Level after level we see recognizable faces of friends and family in the Mii characters, which I think makes the game that much more fun for you.  Shouting I got "uncle Tim," I love that you recognize your people.

At times when you aren't playing the game I will catch you running around the house declaring "I'am the fastest Mii!"      

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