Friday, January 4, 2013

Practice Makes Perfect

I think I've been the kind of person who feels they have to be good at something right at the beginning.  I am, or was, easily discouraged if something I attempted to create fell short of where I think it should be to be considered "good."  I've realized though, it takes time and practice to get to the level you want to be at in any personal endeavor.  I know, crazy right?  Some people make that practice period seem so effortless.  Take my husband for example.  

For Christmas he received a new straight razor.  So for days now he's been spending time practicing his shaving technique.  First shave resulted with his head full of tiny nicks and a bloody towel that left you wondering where he hid the body.   

letting his head heal from the first round of abuse, he spent the next couple of weeks doing research online and practicing on his face.  Adjusting the angle and pressure of the blade, learning the importance of exfoliating and opening up the pores prior to starting.

He saw improvement in his technique after each shave and would come share with me how happy he was with how things were going.  Practice Makes Perfect.  That little boost of confidence you get when your practice starts to pay off is amazing.

Today, his skin is smooth and nick free after shaving.

That's what this challenge is for me, practice.  Practice finding the light and the right settings on my camera.  Practice editing photos.  Practice finding words and ways to formulate my thoughts, because lord knows I suffer from major mommy brain.  Practice pushing myself when I don't feel I can or want to take photos or write.

Yes, this will be good for my soul.

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