Thursday, January 3, 2013

First Thing in the Morning.

I wake up each morning to the sounds of my baby girl cooing, or sometimes crying, telling me it's time to come get her out of bed.   I lay there for a minute, silently wishing her to go back to sleep so I can grab a few more minutes of rest, but I know baby girl is awake and ready to get her day started.   I slide myself out of bed, zombie walk to her bedroom, open the door,

and I see this face...

The smiles she gives when I first open her bedroom door are like a jolt of caffeine to my body.  I am instantly awake...happy.  A good way to start a day.

I scoop her up, breath her in and smoother her with momma kisses.  Then bring her to my room where we lay, or play in bed for a bit with the whole family. 

 My favorite part of the day.


  1. That's sooo sweet. I think Joe and I may be signing up for a baby soon, too!

    1. That's exciting Jess! Good luck to you guys, it's a great rid. How do you like living in Florida? The beaches must be amazing down there, I've n er been.

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