Wednesday, January 23, 2013

Home Love

For our bedroom I wanted to incorporate artwork that represented my husbands home province and my home state.  So off to I went for inspiration.   There are a ton of wonderful home state love designs out there by amazing artists.  What stood out to me the most were the pieces done in watercolor.  I remembered once upon a time, I wanted to learn how to paint and sitting in my closet was a painters starter kit that had never been touched.  What a great first project to work on.

How I did it
First I did a Google search for an outline drawing of the state and province I wanted to paint.  Printed them out, did a rough cut out and then traced it onto watercolor paper.

I then roughly traced around the pencil line with a white crayon, watercolor is resistant to wax.  This step helped keep the shape of the province intact while I painted.

To create a shape within the painting I used painters tape cut into a heart shape and placed it on the paper before I started.

For painting tips I watched a video I found on YouTube called Watercolor Painting Techniques.

There you have it, for a first painting I'am pleased with the results, it can only get better from here!

365 days photo challenge, day 23.

Happy Painting.

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